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Central Java

The Central Java with it's a strategic position has potential to be developed.

The Infrastructure must be improved to increase the smooth flows of traffic for man, goods, and services.

Investments especially in the private sectors must be increased.

In this era of globalization where regional and international cooperation are more and more increasing in one side whereas the free competition is also sharpening in the sales of products and services. For regional and national development this challenging conditions must be well anticipated for the people prosperity. In that case capital investment by Government Institutions and Private Companies must be increased as a pre-requisite to increase efficiency and productivity of certain product.

The region of Joglosemar (Jogyakarta Solo Semarang) with its geographic location in the center of Java with adequate infrastructure supported with human and natural resources should have the chance to develop its industry, agriculture, trade and service, transportation and tourism.

With the high valued culture especially in Solo and Yogyakarta with their palaces as a central of Javanese culture have a motivated strongly the working spirit of this area. Moreover in this region there are Internationally famous ancient heritage such as the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan contributing to the assets of tourism.

The region Joglosemar has three Airports namely Adisucipto in Yogyakarta, Achmad Yani in Semarang, and Adisumarmo in Solo and a deep sea harbor - Tanjung Mas in Semarang.

It has a strong link of land transportation, railways and roads connecting this region with other part of Java.

The electrical energy has a capacity of 2.21 Mkva

A new hydro electrical center started to be build in Tanjung Jati Jepara.

The sectors which are potential to be developed :

  1. Industrial Sectors
    • Agricultural Products such as : preservation of fruits and mushroom, animal food, cooking oil, soft drinks, cigarettes, milk and dairy products.
    • High-tech Industry : electronics product
    • Light industry: Handicraft of Batik, Lurik, Leather, garments, Rattan and Wooden Furniture, Herbal Medicine, Souvenir etc.
    • Iron casting industry
    • Water for industry and drinking water.
  2. Agriculture Sectors
    • Horticulture: Klengkeng fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Garden Plants.
    • Plantation : Cafe, Tea, Cocoa, Tobacco, Rubber
    • Animal Husbandry : Breeding Farm of Cows, Sheep, Fisheries
  3. Trade and Services
    • Modern Supermarket and Traditional Market for the sales of export products and handicraft.
    • Wholesale Stores
    • Banks, Stores, Hotels and means of transport
  4. Tourism
    • Hotels, travel agents, telecommunications offices, money changer, tourist information offices, transportation.
    • Development of cultural tourism
    • Increasing the visit to the man made recreation facilities.
It is should be noted that the development in Central Java has a prime goal:

To establish a stable region, progressive and responsible society, mentally and materially as a basic step to build a just and prosperous society based upon Pancasila and Constitution 45.

To create a matched and harmonious development with other region mainly with the ones bordering with Central Java through regional cooperation for development.