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In order to improve the existing economic condition of Karanganyar regency a limited liability by the name of Karanganyar Development Corporation has been established.

The shareholders of this company are regional administration of Karanganyar (Pemda Karanganyar) and an Indonesian private Company, PT Pepco Ekapanca

The establishment of KDC has been issued by the Karanganyar Regional Administration on Oct 12th 1995 which has been approved by the Karanganyar House of Representative.

Respectively The Minister of Home Affairs has given his aggrement for KDC on Nov 7th, 1996.

Objectives of KDC

  1. Improving the existing condition of the region economy.
  2. Increasing the industrial, agricultural and trade activitities through improvement with participation of private sector and community by utilizing and developing the relevant regional administration's resources
  3. Increasing the original revenue of the region through establishment of the business and operation activities
  4. Utilizing the infertile land, improving the quality of human resources and improving the functions of available structures and infrastructures in the region
  5. Increasing the region investment through opening of business network for domestic and foreign investors.
  6. Securing the local administration-owned assets through the internalization of local administration shares
  7. In the long run aims to establish a science park
Background of KDC

Due to current and future global development the local administration has to emphasize its institutional role in welcoming and utilizing the development opportunities with rapid action, in accordance with government regulations no 20 of 1994 which lead to the industrialization and human resources development. The KDC should implement the cultural information in business world which constitutes a chance toward activities in which the human being can show their ability to anticipate, process and utilize all available resources in the interest of and the name of public welfare.

The future industrial and trade development will highly depend upon the superiority in human resources, particularly in mastering the science, technology and information.

One of the ways which is necessary to develop the business institution is through the business incubator.

The Business incubator constitutes an institution which can be established by the government or private party with the task to educate the potential entrepreneurs to become solid entrepreneurs (pengusaha mandiri), seek for the market access, provide the technology assistance, and seek for the access of business financing.

The KDC is a model of an integrated development concept involving all relevant and interested parties in the development, the parties are :
Local Administration, State owned companies (BUMN), Private Sector, Multinational companies.

In alluring the foreign investment or other big companies (in home country), it must take into account the survival of small and middle scaled companies and development of regional economies.

The KDC target

  1. Creation of public welfare
  2. Creation of employment
  3. Maintenance of a safe, sound and sustainable development.
The feasible business for KDC in Karanganyar will include :
  1. Industrial Estate
  2. Tourism
  3. Real Estate
  4. Agriculture
  5. Dry Port Bonded Warehouses
  6. Construction Service
  7. Trade
The supporting factors of the above business are
  1. KA is a strategic site supported by elements needed for the establishment of industrial and trade center
  2. Situated near by Solo city (KA & Solo have the same ring road) with adequate means of communications and infrastructure.
  3. The site could serve as a main bridge for the development of services to the Adisumarmo International Airport.
  4. The dry port should serve regional industrial and business development
  5. The integrated industrial estate of 700 ha wide pursuant to the maximal need for establishment of KDC in supporting the economic growth of the regions.
  6. The tourism sector in Tawangmangu should be develop maximally
  7. The Existence of higher educational and vocational institutions in KA and surroundings for human resources need.
PT Pepco Ekapanca

Address of Head Office : Suite 603, Lippo Center
Jl. Gatot Subroto 35 36
Jakarta 12950
Phone : 021 5200798
Fax : 021 5200987
Expertise : Regional Development Corporation

This Company owned and managed by prominent business professionals has a wide domestic and international contacts.