The story of prince RAMA from the kingdom of AYODYA, the incarnation of God VISHNU, he is a wise man, faithful husband struggling to free his beautiful wife, SHINTA, who had been abducted by the ogre King RAHWANA or DASAMUKA. RAMA'S mother - Princess KAUSALYA of AYODYA, was very attractive but she had a desperate and unhappy life. She was paralyzed. In fact, her suffering was a God's will in order to prepare her to gave birth to a would be hero - a just great king with full of wisdom.

Between two Gunungans, left to right: Anoman, Laksmana, Rama, Shinta

KAUSULYA married with DASARATA, RAMA'S father. DASARATA, then married again with KEKAYI and SUMITRA. He owed a promise to KEKAYI, which should be fulfilled upon KEKAYI'S request one day, with her, a second son BARATA, was born. SUMITRA gave birth to the third son - LAKSMANA.

One day RAMA won a battle contest, organized by King JANAKA of MANTILI his award was a marriage with king's beautiful daughter - SHINTA.

Just before RAMA'S coronation as King of AYODYA began his grave test in life. His step mother, KEKAYI, asked DASARATA to execute his promise, DASARATA was severely sick, and KEKAYI was the only one who could cure him. At that time he made her a promise, that he would do whatever a wish she wanted and that should be executed one day upon her requests.

RAMA had to leave the palace and for 13 years have to live in the jungle of DANDAKA. This is a promise which can not be neglected, by noble people and gentlemen, as said in the ancient holy teachings 'SABDA PENDITA RATU' sabda means words, Pendita means priest, Ratu means king or queen, meanings the words which have been spoken must be respected. In his exile, RAMA was accompanied by his lovely wife SHINTA and his brother LAKSMANA. His brother, the son of KEKAYI, BARATA, remained in AYODYA to become the ruler during RAMA'S absence.

BARATA, upon learning what had happened, pursued RAMA in the jungle, begging him to come back to rule. BARATA did not want to be a king, he loved and adored RAMA very much. RAMA wisely told him, that as a ksatria (warrior), he has to carry out the order of the king. He appreciated BARATA and gave him his shoes as symbol of his crown and taught him the eight principals doctrines of leadership :


A leader must have eight prime characters, consisting the characters of :
1.The SUN
He has to give spirit, live and energy to his subordinates.
2.The MOON
He has to be able to please and give light during dark period.
3.The STAR
He must give a good and correct example.
4.The WIND
He must know the real condition.
He must have authoritative bearings and his action must be useful.
6.The FIRE
He must have a firm and just attitude.
He must have a vision, able to cope with any problems and must not hate somebody.
He must have a good and honest mind, and has to acknowledge merits of other people to his country.


WISRAWA, he was a king in LOKAPALA, but has resigned and lived as an ascetic became a BEGAWAN (Hindu priest), so he had totally left affairs of mortal life such as earthly riches, etc. He handed over his power to his son - DANAPATI.

DANAPATI was in a deep love to princess SUKESI, the daughter of SAMALI, the King of ALENGKA. As a formal procedure, DANAPATI Proposed a marriage to SUKESI through his father.

from left to right:Kumbarakarna, Wibisana, Rahwana, Sarpakenaka

What was happened afterwards was a catastrophe, WIRASWA, the Begawan, upon seeing his would be daughter in law, he could not stop the temptations of the girl beauty, in short he himself married SUKESI (the fiancée of his own son).

DANAPATI was quite angry and ready to kill his father, but stoped by God of Justice, saying that he was not entitled to end his own father's life. He had committed a sin.

As punishment, LOKAPALA one day should be destroyed by the son of WISRAWA with SUKESI, RAHWANA, which also should kill DANAPATI. As for WISRAWA, he would also receive his punishment as what he had done was very shameful and disgrace for a Begawan, where for his own interest he had betrayed his son and his people.

Although WISRAWA and SUKESI are both human beings, but their three of four children should be giants. The first is RAHWANA or DASAMUKA - a giant with ten faces, the second is KUMBAKARNA - a giant with big ears like elephant, the third is a woman giant - SARPAKENAKA with long poisoned nails. Only the fourth, WIBISANA is a normal human beings.


In the jungle, SHINTA saw a very cute golden deer, playing around nearby. Every time she wanted to caress the deer, he moved away. She then ask her husband, RAMA, to catch the deer. RAMA could not catch it and the deer was running away. RAMA was out of patience and shot with an arrow. The deer was dead, it was discovered that in reality it was a giant, a soldier of RAHWANA. Before the death, the deer was roaring loudly. SHINTA thought that it was RAMA in trouble, she sent LAKSMANA to rescue him.

Rahwana holding Shinta, Bird Jatayu above the Gunungan

While LAKSMANA was away and she was alone, unguarded, she was kidnapped by RAHWANA. RAHWANA was a cruel, immoral giant, his appearance was terrifying. He crashed everybody who was against him. He was very strong, had tremendous magical power, he could not die even his body has been torn apart to pieces, as long as part of his flesh touch the earth. This magical power was called AJI PANCASONA. Even Gods were afraid of him, that's why he was given to marry a Goddess, TARI, but it could not stop his lust for other women. He wanted also SHINTA, the wife of RAMA WIJAYA, a powerful warrior.

GARUDA JATAYU, a big hawk bird in the tales saw the abduction and tried to defeat RAHWANA but he failed and seriously injured. But JATAYU managed to tell RAMA and LAKSMANA that the kidnapper was the crazy giant king - RAHWANA.


RAMA and LAKSMANA in their pursuit to liberate SHINTA had met the monkeys warriors, they were SUGRIWA, SUBALI, and ANOMAN, the divine white monkey.

SUBALI, SUGRIWA and their sister ANJANI, they were human beings, turn into monkey after bathing in the lake - TELAGA SETA NIRMALA (Lake of White Water). They were the children of RESI (Begawan) GOPATA with his Goddess wife BETARI INDRADI. In the lonely hermit's abode, the beauty of Goddess INDRADI was incomparable. God of Sun, could not resist the temptation to adore her. As a sign of his adoration, he gave her a toy - CUPU MANIK ASTAGINA. This secret was discovered by his husband RESI GOPATA, becoming very upset, his supernatural power make her to be stone statue. Then he threw away the toy into a lake. SUBALI, SUGRIWA and ANJANI were very found of the toy, and would like to keep it. The two brother jumped right away into the lake, ANJANI as a lady only washed her hand and face with the lake's water. When they came out of the water, they did not recognized each other. The two brothers turned out to be monkeys, while ANJANI'S face and hands were grown with thick hairs.

Subali (left) facing Sugriwa

They were very sad, regretting what had happened. In order to become normal human beings again, they had to isolate themselves in the jungle. SUBALI had to live like a cave bat, SUGRIWO had to live like a deer, crawling, and ANJANI had to live like a frog, nude in water. ANJANI naked with her most attractive sexy body, was eyed by the God Guru. As the result thereof - ANOMAN was born.

ANOMAN, the son of the Supreme God, become a heroic fighter and also a very wise advisor to RAMA. He had extra ordinary magical power comparable only to some gods. RAMA knew the kingdom of monkeys through ANOMAN. He got the full support of the monkeys to attack ALENGKA and RAHWANA, after killing SUBALI, the competitor of SUGRIWA. SUBALI was bad and greedy to rule the jungle kingdom. He was so sure of himself because he had also AJI PANCASONA. In fact, he had given to RAHWANA, the mantra (magic spell) of PANCASONA. There was no other way for RAMA than eliminate SUBALI with his super magical bow and arrow, named GUWAWIJAYA.

Anila, Anoman, & Sugriwa

The monkey army was building dams and bridges across the sea to ALENGKA. Meanwhile in ALENGKA, only SARPAKENAKA agreed with SHINTA'S abduction, she further wanted another abduction, that was the handsome LAKSMANA to be her husband.

KUMBAKARNA, disagreed, he is a kind-hearted giant. He knew what's right and wrong. WIBISANA, the youngest human beings brother (he is not a giant) disapproved completely with RAHWANA'S misbehavior. He warned seriously his eldest brother that what he has done should be paid dearly by the country and the people.

The war would break due to kidnapping of other's man wife, it was a sin, and that man was RAMA, the incarnation of God Vishnu with his arrow GUWAWIJAYA that had killed RAHWANA'S Guru- SUBALI. GUWAWIJAYA was destined by God to eliminate all evil doing in the world, RAHWANA could not accept WIBISANA'S advice, and he counter accused him of being a coward and chased him away from ALENGKA.

WIBISANA joined the forces of RAMA, with the goal not to betray his country but for the sake of absolute truth.

Before the frontal attack, ANOMAN was sent as RAMA'S ambassador, proposing a peaceful settlement by freeing SHINTA. It was blatantly refused by RAHWANA and ANOMAN burned the capital of ALENGKA. All of RAHWANA subordinates were either killed or defeated.

"Final Battle" Rama vs Rahwana

Prince INDRAJIT or MEGANADA, the powerful son of RAHWANA was also killed (mega means cloud, he was created from cloud by supernatural power of his uncle WIBISANA).

KUMBAKARNA, initially he refused to fight, but joined the battlefield not to defense RAHWANA, but to defense his country, under the Principle of "Right or wrong my country". He accepted with all his heart to die for his country.

At last, RAHWANA, the ten faces giant, a cruel and criminal king, who did not want to surrender until the last moment, tragically died in the hands of RAMA WIJAYA, the incarnation of VISHNU - the bearer of life and truth.


Victoriously, RAMA, SHINTA and LAKSMANA returned to AYODYA after thirteen years of exile and agony. They were warmly greeted by the people of AYODYA, impatiently willing to see RAMA, the great hero and wise king, and his beautiful and faithful queen SHINTA. They were adored by the people. Unfortunately this happiness did not last long. The people started not to trust SHINTA'S faithfulness to RAMA. It was not possible if a woman held by a man for twelve years and nothing happened. At the beginning the people believe that SHINTA was faithful as she had passed successfully her oath soon after her release that she would be burn to ashes if she was unfaithful. Factually she remained alive and intact after the burning. Rumors made the situation unfortunate for SHINTA. The burning was only witnessed by LAKSMANA, RAMA'S brother, probably protecting her good name and by monkeys, there was no man trust monkey in history.

Miniscreen of wayang kulit performance
The Blencong lamp suspended from the ceiling
The puppets stuck to banana trunk

SHINTA, pregnant was thrown away in the jungle. When she was aware the reason why she was expelled from AYODYA, accused of being dishonest to husband, SHINTA screamed and cried hysterically. The world could not bear to hear her crying, suddenly it became dark, poured heavy rain, with thunders and lightning. The gigantic waves stormed the sea.

All of a sudden, RESI WALMIKI, the guru of RAMA came to safe her. Under his protection, SHINTA gave birth to a twin brothers, LAWA and KUSYA. The handsome and talented boys were educated directly by a very respected and qualified guru - WALMIKI. No wonder they become also masters in self defense, art and having good conduct and started also to learn the way of 'a true life'.

After the dispatch of SHINTA, AYODYA became chaotic. Life was difficult, harvest failed in the whole country. Horses offering ceremony was held; the horses run to every directions and followed by RAMA'S troop. The territories and countries which had been passed by these horses were 'occupied' , that's mean a justification of 'colonialism'.

A horse was running into the retreat of Guru WALMIKI, resulting a fierce fight between RAMA'S troop against LAWA and KUSYA. All the soldiers including LAKSMANA were defeated. RAMA was very angry, and went to the battlefield himself. He was challenged by LAWA and KUSYA, They did not recognized each other as father and sons. RAMA was aiming his super powerful arrow, GUWAWIJAYA, the two boys were preparing themselves…..it was very critical moment.

Suddenly, RESI WALMIKI shouted, "No, my son. The lord, GUWAWIJAYA shall not kill your own sons". RAMA saw his respected Guru, descended from his chariot and greeted him respectfully. He admired his sons and in the short distance, he saw also SHINTA his beloved wife. SHINTA run away, chased by RAMA, shouting, "SHINTA, I made a mistake, please forgive me".

SHINTA in agony called the mother earth, "Mother earth ,please embrace me". The earth opened, SHINTA fell inside and never come back.

RAMA confused, aiming his GUWAWIJAYA to the earth, crying, "Let me and SHINTA and the universe crush to bits".

The God SHIVA intercepted, "VISHNU to ruin the world is not your duty, it's mine".

RAMA, with deepest regret, went back to AYODYA, accompanied by his twin sons who were sworn in as crown princes

(Suryo S. Negoro)

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