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Reformation in Indonesia

The whole Indonesia is at present caught by reformation movement in many fields, such as economic, politic and legal. As a result of a long monetary crisis, firstly noted by the sharp decrease of Rupiah value and inflation, the students from all parts of the country ignited the call of reformation.

In the worsening situation, President Suharto who has been in office for 32 years resigned on May 21, 1998. The vice President, Habibie replaced him. The call to go forward with the reformation in all aspects of life is going on. The practice of corruption, collusion and nepotism which had brought the country in the brink of bankruptcy must be swept away. There is a strong call for a new free election soonest; freedom of opinion, expression and human rights must be honored from now on.

A true democracy must be established. The economic turmoil which is strongly effected the life of ordinary people and damaging the national Economic System must be ended asap, otherwise a more tense social unrest and chaos could occur.

The establishment of a clean credible government, consisting of some experts comitted to the goals of reformation, with strong back-up by the people must be realized immediately. The people hopes the process shall go on smoothly and peacefully. And in the near future, the nation should live prosperously, in a just and democratic society under the guidance of Pancasila.