1st Joglosemar Seminar




JAKARTA - November 20, 1996

Article I

1. The Goals of Seminar

  • To Increase capability of integrated development management by using the available human resources in Joglosemar area with goal to maximize efficiency and effectiveness to achieve development with the principle of self-reliance .
  • The potential opportunities of this area must be continuously organized and improved to achieve an integrated development as an integral part of our Indonesia's just and prosperous national development.
  • The Seminar's result should be able to synchronize development implementation and decentralize economics development in the provinces, not only in Jabotabek (Jakarta,Bogor, Tanggerang, Bekasi) & Surabaya regions.

2. Scope of Seminar

A. Topics

  • The bright prospect of Joglosemar Development is clearly-seen with the existence of Adisumarmo International Airport in Solo, the construction of Semarang Deep-sea Harbor and the planning construction of the Toll Road connecting Yogya, Solo and Semarang.
  • This Infrastructure should support positively to the various aspects of development such as industry, trade, transportation and tourism.
  • The next seminar should discuss in-depth in the field of tourism, culture & finance.

B. Prospect of Development

  • Sustainable development of the area must preserve the environment and culture, whilst developing industrial agriculture and agribusiness, The agriculture itself as a backbone must be protected and well taken care.
  • Other segments of industry should be developed accordingly.

Article II

Potential & Constrains


  • Semarang with its deep-sea harbor as a gate to Central Java
  • Solo with its International Airport as a gate for international tourism of this area.
  • With the availability of Yogya, Semarang, Solo toll road should increase tremendously the tourist industry.
  • Local investment in Central Java in the year 1996 is around Rp. 32 Billion with 704 projects ; (US$1 = Rp. 2,400)
  • The amount of Foreign investment is US$8.423 Million with 140 projects.
  • In Central Java there are 2.523 Ha of land in 11 industrial zones.
  • The availability of fertile agriculture fields could be used to support development of agro industry.
  • New industrial zones should be constructed in accordance with the schedule allocated by the local governments.
  • Human Resources
    Availability of Human Resources with good work motivation, skillful and productive.
  • The size of Central Java land of 3.254.412 Ha consists of :
    • Rice field 1.008.705 Ha (30.9%)
    • Plantation field 2.245.707 Ha (69.1%)
  • JOGLOSEMAR triangle consists of :
    • Rice Field 191.899 Ha (30.45%)
    • Plantation Field 438.210 Ha (69.55%)
    • Total JOGLOSEMAR 630.109 Ha (19.36% from Central Java land)


  • Infrastructure must be upgraded
  • The need of more skill workers
  • Financing
  • The people should be prepared to achieve the fast moving industrial orientation whilst preserving the traditional culture of the society and selectively embracing the benefit of modernization .

Article III

Business Opportunities

  • Education :(Vocational Training of Technical high schools and polytechnics should be improved to match with professional requirement).
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Tourism
  • Services Industry
  • General Facilities and infrastructure
  • Agro industry (manufacturing of animal feeds)
  • Water Procession Industry
  • Transportation sectors :
  • Terminal Management
    • Investment in the field of tourist buses
    • Development of public transport system
    • Investment for safety test of vehicle.
  • The products which could be developed :
    • Basic Industry by using local skill labor.
    • Basic food processing and plantation product.
    • Handicraft Industry related to local tradition and culture

Main products of Central Java

  • Food stuffs, drinks, and tobacco
  • Textile, ready-made garment, leather
  • Paper, paper printing and publishing
  • Plastic products
  • Non metal mines
  • Industry of Precious stones and jewelries
  • Toys Industry
  • Iron and Casting Industry
  • Batik Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Industry of daily product
  • Agroindustry
  • Plantation of Coffee, Tobacco and Tea
  • Farming Industry; Chicken, Cows, Fisheries
  • Furniture
  • Arts and Crafts Industry.

Article IV


  • The development of JOGLOSEMAR Area is very prospective economically
  • The environment and culture of this area should be preserved by all parties involved in the development in this area.
  • Infrastructure Construction should be implemented soonest.
  • JOGLOSEMAR should be economically strong if implemented by professional and transparency approach by all parties concern in this era of globalization. This strong condition should be achieved by improving R & D, Productivity, flow of distribution smooth flow of obtaining permit and financing. In the other hand the availability of skillful and responsible human resources from the private as well as government offices is a conditue sine qua non .

Jakarta, November 27, 1996
Seminar Committee of
JOGLOSEMAR's Potential & Business Opportunities

Ir Darma Tyanto Saptodewo
Seminar Coordinator

* PT Sangga Sarana Persada was the Event Coordinator of this seminar.
The name "Joglosemar" was also proposed by PT Sangga Sarana Persada upon consultation with some prominent figures in Yogyakarta and Central Java.