Sukoharjo - Business Oportunities






The backbone of economy in Sukoharjo regency is agriculture and animal husbandry. In the prospect of development the regional administration of Sukoharjo is doing all effort to progress its economic life.

Relying on the facts that is has adequate human and natural resources Sukoharjo regional administration invites investors to take part to develop the region accordingly.

The Sukoharjo Development Planning Agency has issued a book by the title "Sukoharjo Firms Seeking Overseas and Domestic Partners".

The Office of the Sukoharjo regency (Pemda Kabupaten Tingkat II Sukoharjo) is at Jl. Jendral Sudirman no. 199 phone : 93068, Sukoharjo -–Surakarta Indonesia.

In the development of Economy in Sukoharjo and vicinity, the efforts of improving investment play a more important role. Considering the increasing role of private sectors especially0 in their ability to collect the capital for investment, and the region Government's role in providing facilities in legal procedure, information for investment, improvement of infrastructure ; for the sake of more efficient further development, the Sukoharjo administration should improve continuously its services.

Based upon economic facts, Sukoharjo administration wishes to provide job to its citizens and in the same time would like to develop some activities in the sectors here below :

  • Textile Industries
  • Light Metal Industries
  • Basic Chemical Industries (Medicine and Animal food)
  • Small scale Industries (Souvenirs, handicrafts)
  • Furniture

Despite the facts that it has already several factories with different products spread over the regency, the Sukoharjo administartion has decided to establish a new Industrial Estate in the sub-district of Nguter located 6 km south of the City.

The land available for this Industrial Zone is 354 Ha. It has been approved by Central Java Regional Government No. 507.05/48/1991.