The Kingdom of Ayodya


Kingdom of Mantili

The King of Ayodya, Prabu Banapati had 2 sons, the eldest was Prabu Banaputra who succeeded his father as King of Ayodya. The younger, Begawan Rawatmeja, who dedicated himself to religious life and became Begawan / Resi (a priest, wise man, ascetic)

King Banaputra was very sad because his beloved pretty daughter Dewi Kausalya, was sick, paralyzed for quite a long time. No doctor could cure her so far. The King then made a vow, anybody who could cure his suffering daughter, should become her husband.

The beautiful princess was healthy again after being treated by her own uncle, Begawan Rawatmeja. Politely the Begawan refused to marry his own niece. His position as Brahmacarya (celibate) Begawan prevented him to marry a woman.

In the meantime, Dasamuka, who had a big lust for beautiful women, arrived in Ayodya, wishing to snatch forcefully Dewi Kausalya. King Banaputra was killed in the battle against Dasamuka. In this critical time, Begawan Rowatmeja told wisely Dewi Kausalya that he heard heaven voice, telling him that she had to go right away to Dandaka retreat belonged to Resi Yogiswara. In that place, she would meet his destined husband. Dasarata, Begawan Rawatmeja was also dead in the hands of Dasamuka.

Dasarata, married to Kausalya and became King of Ayodya. He ruled the country wisely and Ayodya became more prosperous. Probably due to ancient tradition, upon Kausalya’ suggestion, Dasarata took another two wives, Kekayi and Sumitra.

All of a sudden, Dasarata was severely ill and only could be cured by his second wife Kekayi. He was very happy, then promise to Kekayi, that he would agree to whatever wish she said. A promise which latter on brought a heavy blow to his son Rama who had just married Shinta. Dasarata also suffered a lot and died while Rama, Sinta and Laksmana were in exile in the jungle for 13 years. While Rama was in exile, his half brother, Barata was in charge Rama had tought him the famous ‘Hasta Brata’ 8 points to be a good leader.

Suryo S. Negoro