The Kingdom of Lokapala


As told in Ramayana, King Danaraja or Danapati, was a brilliant, charming and wise man as a result of his father's education since his early childhood. Wisrawa himself he was a respected King, doing a lot for the welfare of Lokapala people. When the time came, he went to retreat and lived as an ascetic and Danaraja became a King.

As a bachelor, he wanted to marry Dewi Sukesi, a princess of Alengka. In accordance with tradition, he asked his father to propose on his behalf. But the fate did not in his favor. His father Wisrawa, an old hermit, who had left the material world could not resist the tempation to marry the beautiful Sukesi.

Danaraja almost lost his mind, he almost killed his own father. A heaven voice told him to let his father to marry her, because he was destined to marry a Goddess, Dewi Widowati. They lived together happily, until one day when their happiness was disturbed by Dasamuka, his half brother, who wanted to snatch Widowati from him. Due to his good conduct, God Guru, allowed him and Widowati to live in heaven. He was assigned to guard the sacred flower ‘Dewa Ratna’ and Widowati was given a task to born again as the daughters of God Wisnu’s incarnation.

Dasamuka, since then vowed to pursue a women of Widowati’s incarnation. As God’s punishment, three of Wisrawa’s children with Sukesi were giants. When Sukesi was pregnant with her forth baby, he prayed a lot to God the Almighty, to be given a son as good as Danaraja, because in fact he and his second wife Sukesi loved Danaraja very much. The forth son, a normal good-looking human-being, Wibisono was born. King Sumali, the father of Sukesi, he was previously a giant. He became a human-being only after he got the mantra ‘ Sastrajendra Yuningrat Pangruwating Diyu’ ( a succesful Samadi).

Suryo S Negoro