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The Construction of Toll Road connecting Yogya – Solo – Semarang should give positive impacts for the overall development for the Yogyakarta Special Region .

The Traditional strong products in the fields of tourism and light industries should be well maintained and even developed accordingly.

The prices of many products and services could become more competitive.

The human resources should have a chance to be engaged in various sectors of activities, the traditional and also for high-tech industry. There should not be a problem as there are many vocational training centers and Universities in Yogyakarta.

In order to increase the capability to reach the goals to develop the region, some important measures should be taken by increasing among other :

  1. Economic resources
  2. Capital Investment
  3. Competitiveness of products and services
  4. Scope of Marketing
The regional Government should improved its services to the investors by establishing "One Stop Services".

The potential of Yogyakarta among other are :

  1. Tourism with its various objects in the field of culture, ancient heritage, historic monuments and natural beauty.
  2. The convention tourism is potential to be developed, considering the facts that the supporting subjects and accommodation are adequately available.
  3. The establishment of Board of Tourist Promotion Agency and the cooperation of cultural tourism between Yogyakarta and Central Java.
  4. Light Industry in textile, leather, lamps, wooden board.
  5. The high-tech Industry, in the field of electronics manufacturing, cable and chemical industry.
  6. The agricultural industry.
  7. The Souvenir and handicraft.
  8. Industry of Mining product process.
The Government of Yogyakarta Special Region is preparing some measures to cope with the fast development in the era of Information and Globalization.

The Address of the Yogyakarta Special Region Office (Pemerintah Propinsi DIY) is at

Kepatihan Danurejan
Phone no. 0274-589583,562811
Yogyakarta 55213


1999/2000 Development Plan of DIY
Yogyakarta Special Region

In the present period of concerned for the majority of Indonesian people, appropriate steps must be taken to overcome the set-back due to total crises.

The priorities to minimize the damage are aimed to cope with the production and supply of basic commodities such as food, clothes and housing, the service of health, education and continuity of job allocation also in small and middle industry.

There should be efforts to use in the most efficient way, all sources and potentials of budget from the government, society or foreign aid. Considering the recent situation, the Development of Yogyakarta’ Special Region are established as the following:

  1. The center of the development is the hands of the society itself.
  2. Decentralization
  3. Modernization

The amount of the project proposal for the next fiscal year is

Rp 180,548,460,000.00

± US$ 26,000,000.00

With description:
Economic fields Rp 15,055,628,000.00
Social & Cultural fields Rp 46,527,920,000.00
Physical Infrastructure Rp 118,964,912,000,00
Total US$ 26,000,000.00

Malioboro Project

From O.E.C.F. there would be an aid program of total US$ 65,000,000.00 for 5 years of disbursement. The first year allocation is US$ It is for city development program including the improvement / preservation of the famous Jalan Malioboro and development of a cultural estate, East of Vredeburg Museum.

BAPPEDA Yogyakarta
The Board of Development Planing
Of Yogyakarta Special Region

August, 1998

(Suryo S. Negoro)