2nd Joglosemar Seminar




SURAKARTA - Sept 13, 1997

After the successful seminar of Joglosemar held in Jakarta, November 20, 1996, the second one was organized in Surakarta (Solo) in the conference room of Sheraton Hotel. In the evenings, in the magnificent palace of Mangkunagaran, the seminar participans attended a Javanese Dance Performance with the story of "Dewabrata", performed by Praneswara Dance Group led by Retno Maruti (Ms) an expert of Javanese Dance and a famous dancer herself .

This important seminar for the development of Joglosemar was attended by some Government prominent figures and experts, business communities from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Central Java as well as from foreign countries.

It is worth to be noted that in Joglosemar development, some International giant companies from the US, Japan and Korea have shown their interest. From the list of participants some European companies are also following closely the development of Joglosemar.

It is a fact that Joglosemar area, an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia has been eyed by International business communities.

Important Statements

The Seminar gives a clear indication that :

  1. All speakers agree that Joglosemar area is potential to be developed while preserving its rich natural and ancient culture and heritage.
    The construction of infrastructure such as :
    • Toll road connecting Yogyakarta Solo and Semarang
    • Adisumarmo International Airport
    • Semarang Deep-sea harbor
    Should push forward the development of the region economically which in turn should benefit the Joglosemar people by improving all aspects of life quality, based upon Pancasila ideology : 1945 Constitutions and State Guidelines (GBHN).
  2. It's a manifestation of development cooperation between business enterprises with regional Governments.
  3. The development is based upon a united economic development concept (previously it was always under the concept of regional administration).
  4. In the future the composition of project financing is 76 % should be from private sector and the rest 24 % financed by the government

Some Important points of view of each speaker worth to be noted are as the following :

1. Central Java Governor Mr. Soewardi :

  • The development of Cilacap Harbor in the South West of Central Java Province should not be neglected, in the future it should be a Southern Gate of Java
  • Some promising products to be developed :
    - Mining
    - Geothermal
    - Fisheries
    - Small scale Industry as a support to big Industry
  • Ferry Transportation connecting Semarang Dumai and Balikpapan
  • Sea-tourism in Karimunjawa Island.
  • Islamic Monuments in Demak (East of Semarang)
  • Cultural Festival of Borobudur
  • Cattle Breeding and Agriculture
  • International inter-cities cooperation
  • Metal and machinery Industries in Klaten

2. The Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Pakualam VIII (written massage)

"The construction of toll road should increase the people welfare and should give optimal influence to the surroundings area, as for Yogya, it should be more attractive for the would-be investors".

3. The Minister of Communications Dr. Haryanto Dhanutirto

  • Our harbors should be connected systematically with other harbors in Asia and other parts of the World
  • Some measures should be taken so that our Airport should be part of International Airport Network.
  • The construction of infrastructure is a strong support for the region to face the era of globalization.

4. The Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications ad interim Ir. Akbar Tanjung

  • The toll road should develop quickly the area and the birth of a new population center or a town/towns should be anticipated".
  • The main task of our government is to eradicate poverty
  • To prepare the quality of human resources
  • To attract foreign investors de-regulations and de-bureaucratization must be implemented as we are in a keen competition with other countries : Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar

5. Director General of Tourism Dr. Andi Mappisameng

  • All parties involved in tourist business should be prepared professionally for more influx of local and foreign tourist.
  • With Solo as an International Airport, steps should be taken to attract foreign airlines to have a direct flight to Solo.
  • Tourist business should give the biggest portion of income to the country, they are coming from Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, European Countries and the USA
  • The tourist are spending mostly for .
    1. Souvenirs / Shopping
    2. Food & Beverages
    3. Local transport
  • Domestic tourist are also important for the tourist industry
  • The regional government has to give a chance to the tourist development in its respective area by not collecting tourist fee for travelers visiting a tourist spot , instead the money could be used by the tourist to purchase something from the local population.

6. Regent of Sukoharjo Ir. Tejosuminto

  • Exposing the ability of his regency and important data to support the development by among other inviting investors to Sukoharjo
  • Sukoharjo is doing hard to improve the quality of its administration and human resources
  • The region of Joglosemar where the territory its almost similar to the ancient Mataram Kingdom, nowadays it consist of 42 (Forty Two) regencies. Benefiting the leading aspect of the past, the development in Joglosemar must not fail. It is a positive contribution for the National building.

7. From BKPM (Coordinating Board of Investment) Dr Soenaryo Danoesaputro (Deputy of Evaluation and Industrial Permit Department)

  • Joglosemar as a central economic development is quite important, there is a good prospect for investment.
  • The government and the business community have to take measures to use this opportunity.
  • Stressing the important of a job effectiveness
  • The main player of the development is private sector, the government act as a facilitator.
  • Market oriented for investment
  • Bottom up planning for investment, small and intermediate enterprises must be pushed by feasible project where the support of the government is needed
  • High costs economy must be avoided otherwise market opportunity should disappear
  • High quality souvenir, attractive, cute, durable with international taste

8. From Bappenas (Board of National Planning) Chief of Bureau of Regional aid department Lecturer of Gajahmada University Dr. Gunawan Sumodiningrat

  • Development is from the people by the people and for the people, it is manifestation of development participation
  • The strategy of re-distribution with growth had more advantage for regional development
  • The central place theory for Joglosemar is correct as each region has its leading factor. Once the agreement to develop Joglosemar as a leading region has been reached, the regional government has to think comprehensively and never think again only of its own region. With that spirit, any investors wishing to invest in any part of the region should be no problem as long as it pushes economic growth and prosperity of the society.
  • Attention should be given to the development of Cilacap, Pekalongan and other parts of C.Java

9. Director General of Human Settlement (Cipta Karya) Ir Rachmadi BS

  • With the existence of infrastructure, the policy, strategy and programs of development must be further analyzed for a correct implementation.
  • The Joglosemar concept of solution where :
  • Infrastructure is related to region development is the first concept introduced in the country said Dr Syafruddin Tumenggung who is representing director General of Human Settlement.

10. From BKPM (Board of Investment) Deputy I of Planning Department Dr Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

Paper : Approaching strategic location

  • Joglosemar has some advantage to become a center of development in this new era, it has positive image
  • Attractive Nature, history, culture, education
  • Infrastructure Acceseable from Sea, Air, Land
  • People Good manner, diligent, hard working, skilful
  • In this new era to gain success, the decision makers must dare to use the most sophisticated equipment to help accomplish the job with high tech communication system to communicate with the whole world.

11. From Gajah Mada University Yogyakarta Ir Bondan Hermanislamet MSc

  • The regional government should have a work force which has the ability to think, calculate and acts as the private enterprises
  • The infrastructure should be considered as a push for economic development in the area
  • Regional planning should be adoptive

12. PT Excelkomindo Pratama a joint venture company between Indonesian Telekomindo and foreign companies Bell Nynex the 2nd biggest telecom operator in the US, Mitsui and AIF Mr Hadi Tjokrosusilo (Marketing Director) :

Communicating with hand phone cellular system for rapid deployment, mobility and portability

13. PT Pabelan Group Solo

Mr G. Agung Sasongko CEO

  • The successful business man explaining his view to prepare Solo as an International City, where among other the use of internet, telecommunications and banking services are very important
  • Cultural events and tourism must be better organized
  • To attract more investor "a one roof service" for investment should be implemented

14. LG Constructions Korea Mr. Daniel Doryun Kim (The regional Director LG Construction Korea)

  • He is deeply impressed with the great potential of Joglosemar area that is why LG wishes to join the remarkable development plan together with local partner.
  • Infrastructure is the key of economic development in every country, as in all developed countries national land has been developed well plan balanced through centralization and decentralization
  • Joglosemar as one of the most promising area shall play a unique role in Indonesia and in Asia in the coming 21st century

15. The Seminar was opened by Ir. Darma Tyanto Saptodewo Chief of Organizing Committee

The Moderators were

  • Ir Kemal Taruc Mertohadidjojo MBA
  • Ir Risfan Munir MSP, MBA
  • Ir Prasetyo Sunaryo MSP

JOGLOSEMAR HOMEPAGE http://www.joglosemar.co.id

During the seminar the homepage has been given a chance to make a presentation in front of more than 300 audience consisting of :

  1. High ranking Government Officials
  2. Economic Experts
  3. Business Communities
  4. Cultural Experts
  5. Traditional leaders

From Jakarta, Joglosemar and abroad.

The Joglosemar homepage aims to contribute to develop Joglosemar has been applauded warmly by the audience

What a nice support and appreciation !!!!!!!


PT Sangga Sarana Persada was the Event Coordinator of this Second Joglosemar Seminar.