Intercultural Dance Project and Events

 Indonesian-German Dance Projects  German Dance Theatre
 Presented in Indonesia
 Indonesian Dancers with
 Professional Relations to Germany
Artists from Bali and the "Regio" (Freiburg / Basel)
"Catur Yuga"

Gumarang Sakti Dance Company and Dance Theater Basel
"Face to Face"
"Interview with Joachim Schlömer"

Dance Theatre Basel
Joachim Schlömer: A Fish in the jacket

Deutsches National Theatre Weimar
Joachim Schlömer: Highland

Bremer Tanztheatre
Susan Linke: Frauenballet. Heisse Luft. Also Egmont, Bitte

Miroto and Miroto Dance Company
Garbage Flower 

Gusmiati Suid and Gumarang Sakti Dance Company
Fire in the Chaff 

Kreativitšt Dance Indonesia - Arya Yudistira Syuman


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