Relations between Indonesia and Germany
in the field of Dance

Germany and Indonesia are two countries with renowned dance reputation, both with its own specialities – classical, traditional and modern in the category of dance theater and contemporary dance.

In fact, since a long time, several Indonesian cultural missions have visited and performed in many cities in Germany, reciprocally this country also has been witnessed the performances of some German artists.

In the last decade, this relation of mutual understanding and appreciation in the field of culture especially in dance is flourishing, some cultural events and artist exchange were organized successfully which resulting a deeper appreciation between both nations.

The recent astonishingly performances by German leading dance ensembles in Jakarta by world class choreographers Joachim Schlömer ( 1995 & 1998 ) and Susanne Linke ( 1998 ) proved to be fertile ground. The dazzling performances of Indonesian choreographer Gusmiati Suid’s Gumarang Sakti Dance Company in 1994 and 1996 in Germany have also contributed greatly for this favorable cultural relation. Might be, many are not aware that an earlier relation had commenced, when a young Indonesian dancer from Yogyakarta, Miroto, arranged by the Goethe Institute, in 1987 – 1988, has studied dance theater in Germany. Miroto who is now a choreographer with international reputation was one of the students of the legendary Pina Bausch.

These small articles are focussed in the relation on present cultural development, mainly the contemporary dance or dance theatre which is trendy in Germany and start gaining popularity in Indonesia.

The internet links are established for those who are interested in the activities of some Indonesian art, dance schools and foundations.

A German – Indonesian Dance Project

The hard work to promote a closer cooperation and understanding between Joachim Schlömer and Gusmiati Suid have reached a cultural agreement directly between themselves.

Usually, a relation between true artists is honest and sincere. This is the case with German famous choreographer, Joachim Schlömer and his Indonesian noted counterpart Gusmiati Suid.

During the first Art Summit in 1995, Schlömer has choreographed ‘Highland’, after that he spent sometime with Gumarang Sakti for an intensive workshop. Since then, they have decided to join – perform. It is planned that in July 1999, Schlömer shall come to Indonesia, bringing some dancers for a joint-exercise with Gusmiati’s dancers. Probably, it shall take a month of intensive training to produce a high quality choreography. After that, together, hand-in-hand, Gusmiati Suid and Joachim Schlömer’s dance groups shall perform in several towns of Germany and Switzerland. This shows a positive result of an international cultural relation.

Suryo S. Negoro

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